Our History

VolunteerCorps started with the concept of giving back to the society.

VolunteerCorps started with the concept of giving back through extra coaching classes for students.

It was initiated by a student whose life had been influenced by two Canadian volunteers who came to his school, Osogbo Grammar School, Osun State, Nigeria. The student later became Sir Ademola Benjamin Aladekomo (ABA) of Chams Plc.

Sir Demola Aladekomo, Founder VolunteerCorps NigeriaThe one Youth Corper

During his National Youth Service year, ABA taught at Obele Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos State. Remembering the two Canadian volunteers, he began teaching the students physics, chemistry and mathematics. He carried on teaching whilst studying for his MBA programme. He was later advised by the principal of Obele Grammar School, to register the scheme as an NGO.

Getting it started

On December 22, 1992 VolunteerCorps was born; its name, a merger of “Volunteer” (the voluntary service provided) and “Corps” (from the National Youth Service Corps programme).

Spreading the vision

ABA joined forces with friends and professional contacts equally sharing the same concerns about the dismal state of the society and educational system. Together, they initiated teaching programmes to tackle these challenges. They organised free tutoring classes for students in Lagos state-funded schools. Extra classes commenced in the Surulere Local Government Area for the students in the Obele Community High School (still in existence and a part of our on-going tutoring project).

ABA with the team at VolunteerCorps

The pilot programme ran up until 1993 when the hostile state of the economy at that time suspended their activities. The pilot programme was, however, a success as more students of the school went on to tertiary institutions than had ever been recorded.

The evolution

VolunteerCorps Graduation Ceremony 2007

In December 1998, the VolunteerCorps dream was revived. A proper structure was set up and programme staff employed to run the various projects. The extra classes were re-launched in 2002 and designed as the Tutoring Project to raise the academic achievement of a selected group of students from public schools within Surulere Local Government Area.