VC Lagos Programmes


We provide free tutoring and feeding to youths in public secondary schools (SS1 to SS3) during our weekly programmes. We also provide Annual Scholarship to our outstanding graduating students. The Lagos Tutoring Programme designed to produce citizens with strong observation skills and healthy curiosity. With deductive and analytical reasoning they will contribute to the development of our nation in all possible areas and fields.

Project LIFE

LIFE is an abbreviation for Leadership, Information, Finance and Environment. The aim of the project is to teach important life skills in young Nigerians. The LIFE project prepares students for life, beyond the classroom. We challenge our students to develop the inherent skills in themselves and become masters of their own destiny. We do this through interactive and creative means of communication.

ViSA Day

ViSA day is VolunteerCorps Students and Alumni day. This is an annual gathering of all VC students and alumni organised by members of the alumni. At this event activities such as Inter-centre quiz and song competitions are carried out.


With reduced funding to government-owned schools in Nigeria, the Help One School To Succeed (HOST) project is aimed at seeking private funding to support and improve the standard of education in such schools. HOST complements government effort by funding teacher training, curriculum development, and other projects that improve access to quality education. Our strategy is to partner with private organisations and interested individuals to gradually improve the standards of the libraries, toilets and general infrastructures of our host schools (Tutoring Centres).

Project SAVE

SAVE, an acronym for Student Added Value Enterprise designed to empower students financially. The project is designed to complement the tutoring project; making them financially independent and prepared for the future.

Youth Resource Centre

We have a Resource and I.T Development Centre which provides basic computer appreciation course in Microsoft office and Corel Draw. Our graduates are trained free of charge. The Centre is to be expanded to cater for the other extra-curriculum and entrepreneurial activities which are of interest to youths such as music, art, decorations, dance, drama, catering etc.

Teacher Training

We have trained a total of 739 Public Secondary School teachers from various secondary schools in Lagos in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) since 2005. Plans are under way to introduce some advanced level training relevant to their profession.

Boot Camp Series

Each student passes through three Bootcamps before they graduate from the programme:

  1. The Habit Boot Camp, an induction ceremony for Senior Secondary 1 (SS1)  students
  2. The Purpose Boot Camp for SS2 students
  3. The Opportunity Boot Camp for SS3 students

Annual Volunteer Appreciation & Graduation Ceremony

This is the graduation ceremonies of our SS 3 students from our tutoring centres. This is held every year.


For Nigerians or Nigerian based organisations who are willing to pay, wholly or partially, the tuition fee for one or more students our education programme.

The Hands-On Project (HOe)

The Hands-on-project is designed to identify and execute projects that are peculiar to the specific needs of the host schools of our tutoring centres which are all state schools.