Student Stories

Letter from Olalekan Olawepo-Palmer

My name is Olalekan Olawepo-Palmer. An alumnus of the VolunteerCorps Class of 2003. I’d like to share the testimonial of how VC has impacted my life in areas of character, discipline and the heart of volunteering.

I remember prior to our graduation, we were taken through a mentoring session to give us an orientation of the world beyond secondary school. This orientation helped me understand I did not have to solely depend on a university degree to become successful in life. I realised I did not need to follow the crowd when choosing a course to study in university. There are other opportunities that a university degree might not necessarily provide.

During the VC programme, I learned how to be creative, how to explore and develop my skills in other professional disciplines. This gave me better confidence and awareness whilst choosing my career path – I decided to pursue career in Marine or Merchant Navy. Today, I am proud to announce that I am a sailor. I work on ship sand have the license to sail around the world working and making money.

Whilst a student with VC, I was given an award for  ‘The Heart of Volunteering’. This passion is still with me and I took it to the United Nations Climate Change Conference Doha, Qatar held in 2012 where I worked and also volunteered in the conference.

I got married this year (2017) on February 18, which also happens to be my birthday.

I am grateful for the opportunity given  me and other students in the VC education programme.