From Sir Aladekomo

Updates on the ABA@60 education projects.

Birthday Appeal

Thank God Almighty by whose grace and benevolence, I have been blessed immeasurably these past 60 years. My joys, successes, good health, family, friends and God’s grace have been most abundant and I return all glory to our magnificent God.

It has come to my notice that elaborate events are being planned to celebrate this creature. I thank the planners. I have heard of possible newspaper publications, I thank the potential publishers. I am also aware of family members and friends who are planning to travel down from all over the world. I thank them and I’m humbled. There’s talk of Aso-Ebi, party favours and a top musical band. Wow. All greatly appreciated. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! I do not know why you think I deserve all these, but I accept the warm thoughts and good wishes. May God bless you all.

However, if all these are meant for me, I respectfully and humbly plead that you expend them on things that will make me happy and benefit humanity. You know my passion for the VolunteerCorps Tutoring Program and all things related to Education. I have come up with a few VolunteerCorps projects. I APPEAL that you convert all you want to spend to cash so they can be used on the projects.

We thank men and women of goodwill who have donated generously so far. Amazing your show of love for our children, the future of our nation. The recent revelations in Kaduna and Edo States about the degradations in our public education system have made these projects, especially the Tutoring very urgent and imperative. Osun, Lagos and other states are at par with these rots. These are our children in public schools.

Thank you. Thank God. God bless you and all yours.


Demola Aladekomo

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