How We Spend Your Money

Every penny is a drop in an ocean of goodwill that flows to students from low-income level families in Nigeria.

Every Naira is used to train teachers who prepare students for their final examinations key to their advancement to higher colleges of learning. Every dollar transforms these students and their communities.

Here is how it reaches  them:

  • Intensive training for tutors: Our training harmonises teaching and learning methods; enables familiarisation with the content of manuals and scheduling coaching, timetables, attendance, and more.
  • Supplementary coaching: these prepare students for their exams
  • Purchase of stationery and refreshments (meals, snacks and water): for participating students and teachers on coaching days
  • Coordination of mock exams to prepare the students: these test their preparedness and shows their weak and strong points. Efforts are made to strengthen their weaknesses and commend their strengths.

What Your Money Does

We have illustrated below some examples of what your contribution could achieve. You can make a difference, no matter how little. Participate as a donor today!

  • N1,000 will pay for a free lunch for 3 students during a weekend programme
  • N1,000 will pay for 3 students’ stationery
  • N5,000 will fund 3 volunteer’s training module
  • N10,000 will print 5 volunteer handbooks
  • N20,000 will print 10 students’ workbooks
  • N15,000 will cater for weekly logistics support to and from coaching centres for volunteers manning our central office at the state capital

For $5 a day, a sponsored student receives:

  • one free launch
  • a set of stationery
  • mentorship support
  • and a better chance at continuing their education

With $200, a sponsored student receives:

  • scholarship to pay for their first university year
  • mentorship support
  • and a better chance at continuing their education