Education Focus

Our Education Projects

In 2017, our volunteer-for-education projects continue to improve the standards of education and imbue students with the heart to give back to their communities. We are going beyond Lagos state to Osun state with free weekend coaching centres to over 16,500 students.

Higher learning increases the student’s access to better job opportunities in the future. They are also better equipped to contribute to their communities. To achieve this, our well-trained volunteers organise Supplementary Education classes, Academic Bootcamps and Mentoring Sessions.

Supplementary education

Students leave the classroom with unanswered questions. With our supplementary education projects, volunteer educators spend time with students clarifying grey areas. We offer out-of-school learning for English Language and Mathematics. Volunteers adopt methods that clarify and communicate topics in simple and clear terms to students.

Why Supplementary Education Matters

  • It provides formal learning in an informal environment.
  • Students gain skills that transform their lives.
  • Students are able to commit more time to their education, making them better prepared for their examinations.

Annual Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp is an intense educational model that combines theory and practice in a condensed format that encourages learning. VolunteerCorps Bootcamps are more deliberate to achieve a definite goal: entry into higher institutions.

Why Bootcamps Matter

  • Bootcamps expand students’ mental horizons; increases their skill-sets, and opens new worlds to them.
  • Our hands-on classes make students vast; our group work encourages team spirit; our field trips expand their perspective on life.
  • Overall, the students develop an increased awareness that inspires them to look forward to higher goals in life.

Student mentoring

The gap year between secondary and tertiary education is filled with life changing decisions. We match students with mentors who can help them to make the right choices for their lives. Through our one-on-one confidential mentoring sessions, our mentors work “hand-in-hand” with the students to achieve their potentials.

Why Student Mentoring Matters

  • Mentors provide assistance when it comes to choosing courses of study and universities of choice.
  • Mentors can easily spot the weaknesses of their mentees and work with them to turn such into strengths.
  • With the right mentorship, students face academic and life’s challenges.