Become a Volunteer

VolunteerCorps provides an avenue for Nigerians to fulfil the natural instinct to be their brother’s keeper. We have 41 years to make this a reality and our strength is in our formidable team of trained volunteers.

Our Vision 2058 stipulates that by June 2058, every community and sector will feel the beneficial impact of volunteerism.

How to get involved

Volunteering is the key that opens the door to a brighter future.

Share your knowledge

Are you versatile in Mathematics and English Language? Can you teach secondary school students preparing for WAEC? Are you a youth corps member or retired lecturer? Knowledge is power. Power to impact the future of youths today. Share your knowledge and empower a Nigerian student today.

Why English and Mathematics? 

Our intervention is designed around research which suggests that a child with educational challenges could perform better in other subjects with extra English and Mathematics tutoring. Our experience has shown this as true.

Volunteer your time

Want to make an impact in the future of the nation today? Do you have knowledge of ICT or any other life skills that you can share? Then, volunteer your skills and time to prepare a student for their future.

Become a mentor

Can you talk about the value of education in your life? Is your life story inspiring? Do you have a passion for young people? Can play the role of a counsellor and life coach? Become a VC Ambassador for Education today – you can help spread the message of volunteering. 

Cross Section of Volunteers at VolunteerCorps Nigeria

How to sign up

Joining us is easy. First, answer these two questions.

  • Are you 21 years or older?
  • Do you hold a graduate certificate?
  • Are you of exemplary conduct?
  • Can you commit to at least two hours per week?

If you answered yes to both questions. Then, proceed to the volunteer form